About us

Blue Building

We are experts in indoor climate, energy, and installations in the construction industry, and in our work, we use digital tools that we develop ourselves. We use technology to be able to work smarter, more creative, and more efficiently.

At FLUX, our mantra is that companies that fully integrate technology and tools into their daily work processes will achieve the greatest benefits – both in terms of attracting and retaining employees but also being able to achieve more in less time. We do think that’s smart.

Our core values

We are a consulting engineering company that uses digital tools. We are an IT development company that develops digital tools.


Our mission is to free people to pursue more creative and valuable tasks.


 Our vision is to be a pioneer in the construction industry and a significant software supplier to the industry.


Work smarter not harder

Digitization and automation are not the goal in itself, but can strengthen our competitiveness and our bottom line. Companies therefore need a strategy for how their work processes can be digitized and made more efficient now and in the future.

The path to increased efficiency in our workplaces is not something that happens from day to day. It takes time and requires continuous adjustments and improvements. Fortunately, modern technology and processes can help companies make employees both more productive and creative at the same time – this is exactly what FLUX contributes to.

The idea is to retain jobs in Denmark, create better processes and increase the quality of construction projects. Only by being faster and more efficient at the same price, at the same time as we deliver high quality, can our industry be competitive compared to other countries in a globalized world.

So in short we want to use technology to be able to work smarter, more creatively and more efficiently.

How can we help you?

Flux Automated

A company's ability to develop also depends on what opportunities the employees have to strengthen their skills. And that is precisely what automation and digitization make possible.

Flux Design

We find that Automation and Computer Assisted planning especially support us in the idea and sketching phase. This can result in better and more sustainable design, which gives us more possible solutions.