We want to be in “Flux” – we want to constantly learn and be in development, and always strive to be at the forefront of technological development, where we try to move and influence the construction industry through dialogue and partnerships. Respect and curiosity are the epitome of our approach to relationships, processes, materials, technologies, and the way we look at the world.

Current positions

Projektleder og Seniorrådgiver


VVS Generalist


We are always looking for talented and curious colleagues

With a curious mindset, we observe of the market, the customers, and the new trends, and this makes us ask ‘why’ and ‘what if’. With these questions also comes the ability and willingness to listen and to find answers to be able to solve problems and thus improve our ability to be a valued business partner.

We think it is important that our employees can be curious and wonder about things. We believe that people who are curious, asking questions and thinking creatively, will help to provide inspiration for what we should develop in terms of software that can make both their own and others’ working day easier and more fun.

If you would like to be part of FLUX, please send an unsolicited application to Alexandra Lundbæk at: