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With FAST you go from a slow, manual process to a fast automated workflow.



 Improves your communication between architects and engineers using early projections on shafts.



Tool to generate standardized reports based on energy framework calculations.


We have taken automation seriously at FLUX, and have made it a strategic choice by building up core competencies around the automation of our work as installation engineers.

We often experienced that in everyday life ‘skewed’ processes arose that were not suitable, but that solved a task or fixed a problem. A quick home-knitted solution to an immediate problem. This then developed into becoming the working everyday solution, but the problem with these kinds of ‘hero’ based solutions is that employees come and go, and since the quick fix solutions rarely are documented and often end up without an owner, the overview of what is performed in the process is lost. The knowledge to update, change or adjust the solution disappears, and you are left with the unsuitable ‘skewed’ work process.

That’s why we think software robots are smart – and necessary – because they always do the same thing, every single time. They don’t change the process, and they don’t know about the quick person-dependent solutions that might exist.

The valuable thing about automation is that there’s a collaboration between people and software robots that strengthens the capacity of companies and employees to increase productivity. Through this, the employees get time to develop new products and solutions, thus building up competencies that are crucial for tomorrow’s market.

Digital partner of the future

FLUX is a pioneer in the construction industry.

We are a consulting engineering company doing what we preach. We have developed digital products saving us time and resources on routine tasks. In doing this, we have both freed up employees for more value-creating tasks, and we have been able to increase the speed of planning in several of the construction phases. So, we know that automation works and that it makes us a competitive business partner.

FLUX typically has two ways of developing software:

  • We develop standard products, where automation and workflows provide a high value. An example of such a product is our Revit plug-in ‘FLUX Auto Sheet’ – FAST, that creates sheets and drawing headers. It saves an employee approximately 10 to 15 minutes set-up time per drawing.

  • We co-develop digital products in collaboration with architects and other consulting engineers. This interaction ensures that we develop relevant products, where our customers participate in the development process, and subsequently they can have commercial co-ownership.


At FLUX our guiding principle is that when the ‘dull’ and ‘routine’ tasks are automated, the employees can use their professional competencies better, which results in much higher job satisfaction. Precisely in times when it is difficult to attract employees, it’s an important parameter to be able to offer your employees interesting tasks that challenges them professionally.

A company’s ability to develop also depends on what opportunities employees must have to strengthen their skills. And that is exactly what’s possible with automation and digitization. You free up a lot of the employees’ time, so they can focus on their core competencies and develop in the direction that makes the most sense to them and to the company.

Examples of suitable tasks to automate: