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We merge engineering, IT, coding and digital tools into one unit and thereby create new tools and work processes in the form of digital tools. This is how we increase the speed of planning in several of the construction phases.

This allows us to explore different project layouts faster together with architects, contractors, and builders. Automation gives us several advantages where we can build better and more efficiently, create added value, and especially optimize the use of resources throughout the construction life cycle.

We find that Automation and Computer Assisted planning in particular add support in the idea and sketching phase. It can result in better and more sustainable design, which can simultaneously give us the opportunity to explore more possible solutions to the challenges we encounter.

FLUX - an experienced advisor

At FLUX, we have assembled a team of skilled engineers with many years of accumulated project experience. Below you can see our areas of specialization:

Erfaren rådgiver

FLUX – an obvious choice

There are many reasons to choose FLUX as a business partner, and we have listed the 4 most important ones here:

Less risk

By using automation in the sketch design phase, FLUX can help contractors reduce the risk of errors in their projects. The quick delivery of a high-quality sketch project gives more time to calculate, negotiate and find the right solutions for the projects.

Faster delivery

Get the opportunity to test different solutions and designs within the same time frame and budget. With automation and digital robots, FLUX can illustrate consequences and opportunities faster. Our processes are dynamic, and we will be able to connect them to project models and eventually deliver data in real time.

Reduced resource consumption

Project planning can be optimized through automation and using Cloud solutions, which means that solutions are based on performance rather than representative spaces. This reduces over- and under-dimensioning of buildings and technical systems, which in turn reduces resource and energy consumption in the buildings.

Increased flexibility

The use of automation and digital tools in the design phase opens for more agility in the collaboration between the various consultants, as digital tools enable more adaptations and changes in design and materials in the later stages of the planning.

FLUX and the business partners

There are many advantages for our various business partners by choosing to work together with FLUX. Listed below are some of them.

The contractor

The architect

The developer

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